The Right People for the Job

SPEC’s recruiting team has a proven track record of success and real world experience as sales, marketing, and product development executives and not just recruiters. We have been in your chair and we know how demanding it is to run a business and look for great talent at the same time. This experience gained in emerging growth companies, mature companies as well as turn around opportunities, provides us with the experience necessary to understand your specific needs based on your company’s size and lifecycle position. We have been there.

Your most effective search outcome will be obtained from a professional with the industry knowledge and hiring experience to deliver you an effective sales, marketing or product development professional ideal for the position.

If your current requirement is to add experienced sales, marketing or product development professionals, SPEC’s recruiters will work with you to source, screen, select and secure the top talent available.


At SPEC, we take the guesswork out of making critical sales, marketing and product development hires that are essential to achieving success, its all we do.


We have years of experience in building winning teams with Food and Beverage Manufacturers.

We use industry Best Practices to consistently deliver “A” players who can improve your company’s performance.

We possess an extensive network and talent database.

Our multi-phased search process is designed to make sure you get the top performers you need to accelerate your company's sales.

If you’re seeking top-level sales, marketing, and product development talent to help you accelerate your company’s growth, let SPEC help you build the winning team that delivers results. Whether you’re looking to add new personnel or “up-grade” personnel, we find and deploy the right talent that will take your company to the top of the market —and beyond.

Our Services

With SPEC you will enjoy the benefit of working with senior professional recruiters utilizing the latest search techniques through a proprietary national recruiting process along with a marketing, sales and product development candidate database developed and built over thirty years that is also continually enhanced through industry referrals and recommendations.

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Recruiting Process

Our Process For Building A Strong Foundation



We start by conducting an in-depth analysis to understand your company, business model, culture, markets, competition and sales, marketing, and product development processes.


Counsel Candidates

We counsel candidates in building their profiles and present them job descriptions and interviewing guides that get to the heart of the critical elements that will determine success for your business.


Attract The Best to You

We also build a “story” about the job opportunity that will attract the best people to your company.

The Right Tools For Each Job

Once we’ve identified the right profile for your positions, we use proven methods to identify and approach leading candidates. We research and target specific companies and candidates, through a combination of focused communications, networking and direct approaches. We’re also in constant contact with top performers and maintain our own extensive network and talent database.

“A” Players Only

Once we’ve attracted top candidates to your opportunity, we use rigorous behavioral interviewing and performance data gathering to fully qualify candidates for each position. We assign “homework” and closely watch how they behave through the interviewing process, which is a good predictor of how they will perform once they come to work for you. Our multi-phased process is designed to make sure that only top performers get through it. By the time we deliver candidates to you, they are interested in learning more about our client companies while prepared to communicate their “features and benefits”.

Integrating With Your Process

Our job doesn’t end here. We stay closely involved with your interviewing team to debrief, determine follow-up, conduct in-depth reference checking, deliver offers, and “close the deal” to your complete satisfaction. So if you’re looking for top talent as the foundation for your success, check out the recruiting experts at SPEC. We have the proven experience and methods to eliminate the guesswork—and get you the people you need to accelerate your company’s revenue.